Thursday, May 30, 2013

Going 'public'

So yesterday my blog became part of the Mumsnet blog network. I hardly know what this means other than I sent a link to my blog to mumsnet and asked 'can I be part of your blog network please' and that given my blogging history this could be the most stupid thing I have ever done.

 I used to blog on MySpace (well someone had to) long before Facebook became the fashion, indeed I remember a time when I was all 'pffft, Facebook?, like that's ever going to take off'.  I used my MySpace blog to rant and rave, much of it was about people I didn't really know from a forum I spent too much time on. Long story short my blog got read and distributed and crazy drama ensued. Looking back at it now it all seems very ridiculous and clearly I didn't learn anything from it becuase a similar thing happened to me on Mumsnet a few years later - someone read comments, passed them on, big family fall-out ... yadda yadda - YAWN.

This blog has been quite heavily edited as a result which is a shame because I used it to let go of a lot of angst and bitterness I felt when going through my 'unexplained infertility' diagnosis and then the IVF. Clearly when you are unable to have a baby and every person around you is popping them out there's a lot going on in your head that you really can't say out loud. So I might have written some judgemental or rude things about people along the way. I have tried really hard to find them and edit them or at least take out real names. I have also tried to keep in the stuff that I think is important to say. There are some blogs I have taken out completely because of that time my husband searched for my blog and thought I just used it to moan about family relationships.

Mumsnet have sent me a long email telling me what I have to do next, something about twitter and badges (I think I have done that bit) and surveys and profile pictures. I have no idea how much traffic this is going to generate for the blog, nor how much trouble it's going to get me in, but hopefully someone will read it and maybe someone will like it; if anything I hope the fertility and IVF stuff is useful to anyone going through it.

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