Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crimewatch creator Nick Ross admits he would not be able to stop himself raping a woman

Or at least he seems to suggest that there can be aggravating circumstances that make men rape. Yes, here we go again folks - another voice comparing women to stolen laptops, cars and wallets and trying to blame them for being too drunk, too under dressed, too free with their movements. Women you say, on the streets, doing everyday things, just walking about? Asking for it.

I read This article in the Daily Mail (sorry) today and was rendered speechless for a long time, then I got angry - really fucking angry. I am angry because the implication is that as a woman I should expect to live in a society where I will be raped just because I am a woman, just because I am exercising my right to walk from one place to another, just because I drink alcohol, just because I am not covered in all the 'right' places and because input myself in the wrong place. Just because I have a vagina.

And then, after I am raped I am expected to have a long think about my actions and decide if perhaps I wasn't really raped because possibly something I did made me get raped, and perhaps expecting to be taken seriously in court is not the best way to seek justice. Perhaps it was not 'proper rape' particularly not if I was drinking and definitely not if I was friendly or nice to the rapist at any point and again not if he wasn't particularly violent about it. Because we all know that putting a penis into an unwilling vagina is not always a violent or aggressive act, right?

I am insulted on behalf of all the men who do not rape, who would never rape. The men who can be around very drunk people and not for one second see it as an opportunity (or and invite) to rape. All the men who pass people in the street who are showing their legs and don't think about raping them. All the men who would help someone in distress rather than hurt them.

I think Nick Ross is a prick. I hope he never works again. I hope someone finds a way to educate him, fast, because he is a very damaging stupid man.

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