Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I co-sleep. My son is two and four months and we have slept in the same bed since he was ten days old. We would have done it from day one but he was in special care so the first time he slept with me and my husband was the night before we left hospital. It was the first time he got all his feeds from my breast; up to then I had expressed so he could have my milk from a bottle and I fed him from the breast whenever I was able. When we emerged from the family room the day we took him home the nurses commented on how we hadn't needed to ask for a bottle during the night. We didn't tell them that rathe than put him in the crib they provided we had him in the bed with us where he could feed whenever he wanted. When we got home me and the baby went to bed and that's where we were when midwife arrived to man-handle my breasts and give me bad advice about breastfeeding. Fortunately we saw a much better midwife later in the week and our breastfeeding journey continued without incident. Within a week we had stopped giving him bottles and he still breasfeeds now.

I am 100% sure that our breastfeeding journey was so successful because we co-slept from the start and I am also certain that the lack of bond I felt when he was in a crib in the special care unit was significantly improved by lying skin to skin in our big comfortable bed.

The re-hash of old research that has been released this week makes it sound like babies who co-sleep are going to die. The reality is that some babies will die whatever you do, some babies will not. Co-sleeping can be done safely and scare tactics like this just infuriate me, particularly when they make the risks sound much higher than they really are.

UNICEF explain it so much better than I can.

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