Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Day another Rape apology

This time it's Anne Diamond writing in her Local magazine Berkshire Life where (According to the Daily Mail who is first on the scene with the news) she says

Are we dealing with misjudged slap and tickle with a groupie in a dressing room 30 years ago or a more sinister crime? Are we talking about an annoying penchant for fumbling and groping – almost an accepted form of behaviour in a bygone age – or the cynical sexual exploitation of young girls and boys?' and adds 'And what exactly is a youngster when it comes to showbusiness? I’ve seen many young “ladies” dressed to kill, hovering outside stage doors, keen to force themselves on actors and pop stars.’ 

I am not sure if she is talking about Stuart Hall who admitted 14 assaults, including that of a 9 year old, or maybe she is just casually forgetting his guilt? 

Anne Diamond has a regular show on BBC Radio Berkshire which is billed as 'real lives and compelling stories with a human touch'. Is this the human touch they mean? The one that makes apologies for rapists and blames victims? Perhaps because Anne Diamond has worked with several of the people who have been questioned as a result of operation Yewtree she can't believe that they could do these things. Isn't that the case though with a lot of sexual predators - they hide behind their celebrity or their likableness and no one knows what they are like because being a rapist or an abuser isn't something you boast about.

The BBC is currently in the throes of a respect at work review to tackle bullying in the workplace. They may well be advised to take this further and educate all staff, particularly those who are the mouth pieces of the corporation, about the damage of victim blaming and rape apology. 

I love the BBC, I really do. I would not want to speak badly of the corporation but they should not be letting go these chances to make a real statement about the damage these apologists can do. 

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