Monday, April 08, 2013

Maggie Maggie Maggie, gone gone gone!

As it says, Margaret Thatcher is dead. In her 80s and suffering with dementia in her later years, she died this morning. When I heard my first reaction was arms in the air and a big 'Whooop' followed by a little bit of a guilty feeling for celebrating the death of someone's mother. I am a mother and my own father is dead so these days I do wince a bit from public celebrations of public deaths. However now that the news has been broken and my friends have all commented on their facebook pages and so on I am starting to think that a great big street party might be in order.

I guess what has changed my mind from thinking we need to be respectful to wanting to dance on her grave is the amount of tributes that have been paid in the media; the people citing her as a great politician and the incredible announcement that she will have a ceremonial funeral. Really? Paid for by who? Why? Does this mean that when Tony Blair goes, or John Major, will they get a ceremonial funeral? How much of a step-down is this from a State funeral?

Apparently there are areas of the country where the pubs are filling up with people celebrating her death. Places like the Welsh Valleys, Scotland, Yorkshire - basically anywhere north of London; the parts of the country that were decimated in the late 70s and 80s as a direct result of policies brought in by the Thatcher Government. Now I can understand why these people have a perfect right to throw their hands in the air and 'Whoooop'. I get it. As a 43 year old I am just young enough to have missed being that involved in her election but am old enough to have known about the 'milk snatcher' and the 'out out out', old enough to have protested about nursing cuts, closure of coal mines, the falklands, and nuclear power.

this is always a good thing to watch to remind yourself why she was such a horror.

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