Friday, March 15, 2013


I would hope that everyone has heard about the awful events in Steubenville (USA) but if not you can read about it here or a shorter summary here on Jezebel. In short, highschool jocks sexually assault and possibly rape high school student then send videos, images and texts about it to their friends and post them online. The trial is taking place right now so it's getting a lot of newspaper coverage and as a result lots of comments from the usual idiots who say things like -

"Males can be frightening animals - they think with their private parts and only care about the consequences when they might get into trouble. Girls, please, please look after yourselves - it's a sad fact that it's a danger to be so drunk as a female - unfortunately, you never know what may happen to you. You have every right to be able to go out and have fun, but we still have to take care to be wary." Some Daily mail reading Idiot.

  For fuck's sake! Is this for real? So basically they are saying that because men just can't control themselves it's up to us 'females' to modify our behaviour to stop men from doing what they naturally do? Well - all the men I know (As far as I am aware anyway) are not the kinds of men who would ever sexually assault or rape someone. No one I know would see a woman who is asleep or drunk or incapacitated some other way and decide to 'take advantage' of the situation. This kind of attitude is not just shitty for women it's also really insulting to men. Why should women stop going out and having a good time just because some men are shits? Why should all men be branded as incapable of stopping themselves from assaulting women just because a few men are shitbag sexual deviants? Why does society generally push this idea that women have to take responsibility for other people's illegal behaviour? I am just so fed up with having to rant about this and also having to hear and read the excuses that are made about male behaviour which generally puts the blame on women. Can we just start being fucking sensible now please and get the message out that the only person who is to blame for rape is the rapist - not the woman! Never the woman.

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