Monday, March 04, 2013

Branding the potential victim to shame them.

This has really annoyed me. "Drunken students found stumbling through Cardiff are to be tagged with wristbands to act as a morning reminder of their dangerous binge-drinking. The wristbands will serve as a warning for hungover students, unable to remember the night before, of how vulnerable they became because of excess alcohol." Mostly it's the comment from PC Tim Davies who "warned that students were at risk of robberies and sexual offences due to their drinking habits.". PC Tim davies is the Police Student Liaison Officer for Cardiff and says his role is to work with partners to reduce the chance of students becoming victims of crime. He is also quoted as saying "“It goes from lone females who are just walking home to people who are heavily intoxicated and stumbling over the road. It might be pouring down with rain, freezing cold, and you have some young woman walking home with her shoes in her hands.” Clearly highlighting the fact that he believes young women are at more risk because of what they are wearing (or not wearing) rather than men, when I believe statistically young men are more likely to suffer violence from strangers. Young women are statistically more likely to be targeted by someone they know and in their own homes.

Personally I think that this kind of victim blaming does nothing to stop violent and sexual crimes, all it does is tell the victim that they are ultimately responsible for whatever happens to them. This initiative is apparently the brainchild of the Cardiff Student union Liaison Officer. South Wales police have pulled This kind of crap before, as have several other police forces.

Rape Crisis Scotland showed that it is possible to create a campaign that targets the right people - the rapist/abuser.

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