Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unit set up to investigate sex crimes fiddles figures by asking women to withdraw rape claims.

What the actual fuck? Sapphire Unit, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, "encouraged" victims to withdraw allegations to boost detection rates. I am so angry I barely know what to say. How the hell are women supposed to feel safe, to feel like they are being taken seriously, if the people who are supposed to be helping them are more concerned about making themselves look good? When will someone do something about the way sexual abusers and rapists are brought to justice? And once again this all seems to revolve around the term 'consent'. Why the fuck aren't units like this putting efforts into making sure that accused rapists are thoroughly investigated and brought to trial rather than attempting to skew figures by dismissing women's claims at the point that they seek help. Do they hate women that much?

Seems like they do?

"In his interview Duthie also said it was important to "educate" people that they could be vunerable to rape. Hayes said his comments were worrying and accused him of normalising 'victim blaming'. "The problem is not that of 'vunerability' but of a 'macho culture' which breeds the notion of male entitlement - it is a culture which is further fed by a police force which consistantly fails women through disbelief, victim blaming , failure to investigate and falsification of records'

You can Give feedback to the metropolitan police if you want but I actually feel like something more needs to be done

more info on Sexual assault stats here and here though of course these stats will be skewed by foul men in the very unit supposed to be helping. 

Article about conviction rates.

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