Friday, January 04, 2013

Empty jars

There's a thing going round Facebook about a jar; you're supposed to write down the good things that happen and put them in the jar then read them all on the last day of the year. It sounds like a nice thing to do but the last few days I haven't really had that much to write about. Or maybe that's just me being negative? One thing I did do was buy a new bike and it's gorgeous. I attached a child seat and plan on taking my son out and about; the park first and then if the weather gets better I hope to sometimes cycle to work. We bought him a balance bike for his birthday and he's been scooting around on it so I a looking forward to taking him out more.

I had thought that things were going well recently but today I realised all is not well for my husband. The last year has been a bit shit really, not just him losing his job but also the fact hat we just haven't been getting on. I am too snappy and let resentments build up, he gets moody and silent. I like to thrash things out while he clams up. Maybe I ned to be more direct, instead of getting net up about things I should just tell him 'do this and I won't get upset that you haven't.
So for all these reasons my jam jar is empty so far. I want us to get on better and maybe I need to start paying attention to his needs a bit more. Having a small child can make you forget to care for eachother as much as you care for your son. We both have our faults and I don't deny I need to really work on mine but we are both the bad guy at certain points.