Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On the bus

I think all these blogs will come up as published on the same day but these are all edited drafts I have had stored until I had time, so some of these events are from a few weeks ago.

Last month my car broke down and I was carless for two weeks which meant getting B and myself to and from work with a combination of trains busses and, when I could get them, lifts from D and my mum. I tried to make it into a bit of an adventure for B so we alternated between train and bus quite a lot. It also rained quite a lot and B learned some new vocab like 'broken car' (and eventually 'mended car')' 'broken trees' (leaves coming off) and 'it's raining'. We soon moved on to 'no bus' and 'no train' depending on which we were taking; we were on a bus he wanted train - you get the picture!

Anyway my reason for blogging is to say that travelling on public transport in rush hour teaches you a lot abut the challenges of breastfeeding a toddler. Namely:

There is no where on a bus that is private so feeding discretely is not possible. If you sit at the front the whole bus, and the bus driver, can see you. If you sit at the back you will be sitting next to either the local pervert or a group of teenagers who are not the best audience for a wriggling breastfeeding toddler; he will find them, the most interesting thing on the bus, they will want to cootchie coo him until they realise that, yes, you do basically have your tit out.

There's no point trying to distract or deny your toddler, his protests will only get louder until the whole bus is looking at you.

Travel light and know where your snacks/book/car is for distraction purposes because trying to stop a toddler from walking down the bus and waving at everyone s really hard when you have a bag stuffed full of shit to balance on your knee or keep your hands on.

There will be people from work on your bus,they will probably want to talk to you but won't be aware that you are still feeding. Most people think feeding a toddler is weird.

People are very kind and they will offer you a seat, they just might be surprised to see you feeding.

Basically,trains are easier.

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