Monday, August 20, 2012

K-Stew and R-Patz

Here's something I wanted to write about. Where is Kristen Stewart? Is she STILL in hiding after being papped by a photographer cheating on her boyfriend with a married man? Really none of this should bother me, nor be any of my business but her boyfriend re-emerged this week to promote his new film and her 'lover' was walking the streets within hours of the infidelity. His wife has been walking the streets in power suits and without her wedding ring. K-Stew has not been seen for days, maybe even weeks; apart from one time the day after the phots were published where she was seen crying in the street about the whole affair. Or so say the 'papers'. For the past two weeks a steady stream of hate has been spewed onto the internet towards Ms Stewart.

I find the whole thing so unfair. Yes, we all know that cheating is bad but when Brad Pitt cheated on his wife did he get all this shit thrown at him? Did he feel so persued that he went into hiding? Ok, so someone came up with those Team-Jolie / Team-Anniston T-shirts but who got most of the shit from the whole thing? Yes it was Angelina Jolie. Fair enough she was as much to blame but why is it always the woman who is made to hide or if she doesn't is chased down the streets and hounded down? I recon it must be hard for Kristen to deal with publically but people are behaving as if they expect her to be branded with a scarlett letter and never dare show her face again. It's blatent misogyny.

 jodi foster has recently commented on the whole thing.

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