Monday, April 30, 2012

teething and talking

It has been a funny old couple of weeks. I am shattered from restless nights of teething hell and days are zipping by so fast it has started to feel quite scary. It's also been raining for what seems like forever and though most people I know have spent the whole time moaning about it I have tried to make it fun for B by letting him splash in puddles and get wet. He is picking up words quite quickly now, though his 'garden' sounds like 'daddy' and sometimes he will say a word and then never say it again like 'Joobs' (boobs), 'Ready'. He says 'bye bye' when we put his coat on and 'garden' all day long as he is obsessed with getting outside.

We are having some work done out the back to slightly extend the kitchen so it can be a bit tricky getting him out there but when he does he loves it. D is doing all the prep work for the building-work himself, knocking down the outside loo and shed, taking bricks to the dump, preparing a trench for the foundations and so on. We'll get about a meter extra space and are planning to have big double doors leading out to the yard. It is just a yard, about 2 metres of concrete, but it will make everything so much better and hopefully create more light and space in our existing tiny kitchen. We are off on holiday at the end of June and I think the plan is to have the new walls and roof built by then so that the tiling and walls can be done while we are away, plus the job of knocking through into the new extension bit. Here's hoping the whole house isn't full of dust when we get back. I have been sorting through the Ikea Kitchen I bought years ago but never installed into my house in Newport. Most of it is salvagable thankfully. Our long-term aim is to rent this house out and move somewhere with better schools for B and all this is a part of that plan.

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