Monday, April 16, 2012

If you don't like Facebook (and my updates) why don't YOU give it up?

Facebook knows my business. I know this because if I were to change my status from married to single I have no doubt it would start flashing up adverts for divorce and single women - maybe even dating sites. Everyone on my facebook friends list knows my business too, well apart from those I exclude *. So they know as much about me as I choose to give. Sometimes I choose to give too much, I can be rather volatile and finger happy with my status updates. If I am pissed off you may very well know why, equally if I am happy you will know that too. Problem is that people always seem to remember the negative or if not that it's the volume of updates which is a problem.

In recent months I have had to twiddle with my facebook settings quite a bit - it has always only been searchable by those on my friends list, purely because I didn't want my ex to be searching for me. I could relax that a bit now as clearly I have moved on given that I am married and have a small baby and time is a healer and all that stuff. Certainly it would mean that old friends might be able to find me and old enemies could block/stalk me if they wanted. Apart from that block on searching I also limit the audience for many of my photo albums and pick and choose who sees my status updates depending on who I don't want to offend and so on. Sometimes I have posted something but excluded someone from seeing it only for another person to tell tales on me so now I use my group lists carefully - stupid really but that's the way it goes. I don't want it to sound like I spend all my time on facebook slagging people off either. I do spend a lot of time posting pictures of my sono though, so much so that perhaps it seems endless to the people on my friends list?

Which brings me to the point of this blog. I was at lunch today and someone told me that perhaps I should stop using Facebook for a while, they also asked me if I thought it was ok to put so many pictures of B on the internet. Well... of course I think it's ok otherwise I wouldn't do it. I know that there are tales out there about paedophiles looking at pictures of children on the internet but (a) I am not stupid and (b) as my albums are not public do I really need to worry? Or perhaps they wonder if B 'is ok with it'? Well I haven't asked him - he's 16 months old and what does he know? Perhaps when he is old enough to have an opinion on it I will consult him. What really irritated me about the conversation (which other people who were there and also happen to be on my friends list joined in with) was the suggestion that because the frequency and volume of my updates is too much for them, I should be the one to stop posting!  Well forgive me but if YOU don't like it they YOU are the one in control. At the very least you can block my updates or stop looking at my page; at the most you could just de-friend me.

It really does piss me off when the implication is that I am not allowed to use facebook but they are. So it's ok to be a 'facebook user' so long as you only use it infrequently but it's not ok for anyone else to use facebook the way they want to? One thing I really find odd is the amount of people who on the one hand tell people they really don't get people who use facebook so much and yet on the other they seem to know all about whatever everyone else is posting. Doesn't this mean that they are literally sat on facebook stalking everyone else while smuggly sitting on their hands and refusing to join in? These people annoy me, all smug and perfect and judgemental about how they don't 'do' facebook and telling other people who do that they are on it too much. Pah. get a life you losers.

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