Monday, March 05, 2012

trip to Donegal

I booked flights for Ireland today for me D and B. We are renting a 4 bedroom house near glen and it's going to be a proper Stevenson family get-to-gether as mum and her partner is coming and so are my brother and sister, their partners and their kids. This is not something that happens in our family really. Last big holiday I remember us going on was when mum and dad rented a cottage in Fishguard when I was about 10. I always remember it fondly so am hoping this trip to Ireland will be similar in building nice family memories.

Glen is Glencolmcille in Co Donegal. It's where we all lived as kids; me from aged 6 months to 5 years. It's where all my earliest memories are from, from the time my mum and dad decided to live self sufficiantly in the 70s. We still have a house there, which is where my dad was living when he died aged 56 from a heart attack. His girlfriend still lives on the land in a house she built after he died. The house my dad had is still there but is a bit of a wreck; we had it re-thatched but it needs a complete overhaul and could be so lovely if we had the time and money to do something with it.

I am so excited about going as I haven't been for years.

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