Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thankfully most men can do not get fathers4justice involved in their custody battles

It's been an interesting few days on Mumsnet, interesting, irritating and stupid. The group fathers4justice (F4J) have been trying to gain maximum publicity by harrassing Mumsnet which, although it hasn't worked, has been really pissing boring for regular Mumsnetters. I believe it started with a thread where F4J threatened some kind of legal action against Mumsnet because of the 'anti-men sentiment' on the forums. A big long thread ended up having loads of deletions for breaking the Mumsnet talk guidelines, though most of it was people telling obvious F4J trolls to fuck off. F4J then started targetting Mumsnetters on their facebook page during which they said one woman should be put against the wall and shot and deleted several reasonable posts from women while simultaneously moaning that they were having posts deleted on mumsnet and the Gingerbread site (Which they were also trolling) - I don't think they get the irony. They also decided to protest outside M&S because they advertise on Mumsnet.  Now they have created some stupid Advert taking quotes from Mumsnetters, though who is going to run it and what it actually means is anyone's guess. As all this has gone on it has become more and more laughable and there's a great thread on Urban75 about it and of course on Mumsnet. Have I provided enough links!?

The 'advert' they have created contains quotes like 'fuckwit' which, let's face it, could have appeared a thousand times on Mumsnet and not necessarily in relation to F4J! Of course there are many people who would agree they are fuckwits and worse. I don't think F4J are capable of seeing that they are digging themselves into a massive hole and alienating most parents by their stupididty. This is all to do with publicity really, though not much has really appeared in the press. What really is upsetting is the amount of F4J stuff posted on Mumsnet, the rape apologists, the excuses for Domestic violence and so on. They hijack threads where people are genuinely seeking help for real life situations, disrupting what is usually a great support network. All in the name of fairness for children? Their constant beef is that in their (misguided) opinion the world is full of mother's who are making up lies to keep men away from their children. The reality is that the majority of women who want to deny access ARE doing it for genuine reasons, because their children are in danger of physical or emotional abuse. The majority of single mothers are bringing up children alone because the father of their children has fucked off without a care in the world. Yes, there must be a small percentage of parents (Male and female) who make up malicious lies so they can keep the other parent away from their children but no where near as many as F4J think. Scratch the surface of F4J membership and I am sure you will find a fair share of good reasons why those people have been denied contact with their children; not all of them of course.

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