Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Orchidopexy - testicle undescended and removal.

We are back from the hospital; B had to have his testicle removed. When they told me, after the operation, I did feel sad and disappointed even though I had basically assumed all along that they wouldn't be able to find the missing one. Turns ot that they found a 'nubbin' but not a properly formed testicle and so because it's a cancer risk they removed it. Poor old B has 3 wounds - one in his bellybutton where they put a camera in, one on his abdomen and then finally in his testes sack where they removed the nubbin. He is ok though and has needed surprisingly little pain relief. In case it is of help to anyone else reading this who has a son with the same issue here is what happened.

I was told I could only feed him up to 7.30 am but after reading up about it online and finding out the operation was unlikely to happen until after 1pm I let him feed at half past 8, not a big feed but he wanted it so I let him. After that I took him to my mum's house as she had offered to help distract him. I am still breastfeeding so was worried about him pawing at me and getting distressed. At first he was ok, quite easily distracted with a beaker of diluted juice but as time went on I had to do things like take him rond the block and show him stuff to keep his mind off wanting food. At about eleven I re-read the leaflet they had given me and realised I had made a mistake. I thought fruit juice was ok but it said 'dilued squash (not fruit juice')! Although he had only had a bit I was really worried the whole thing might have to be cancelled. Anyway, at 11.30 I had to stop giving him water and I drove to pick up my husband and then onto the hospital. As soon as we arrived on the ward I mentioned the fruit juice and was told it would be ok. at first were told we might get bumped into second place as his operation was more complicated than the other little girl waiting but it turned out that we were first. B was ok but did root around in my jumper quite a lot and we had to keep on distracting him, poor thing must have been starving.

in the ward we were given a single bed but told a cot would be provided if we had to stay over so I told them we co-sleep and no need. A nurse and anaethesist came to put 'magic cream' on his hand to numb it for when they tried to find a vein for an anaesthetic (I think) and he was weighed and had his chest listened to. A doctor came over to explain the procedure and get our consent but I barely heard a word of it as they had wanted to examine him and then just left me to console him and change his nappy while they explained to D. That was a bit annoying as I felt like I didn't know enough about it all. Then not long after D took him down to be put under. I was a coward and sent him to do it and am glad I did as apparently it wasn't very nice. D was definiely a bit shaken up by it. Then we went to get some food. It's very strange knowing your son is being operated on but not being there, I felt awful for being away from him. Just over an hour later we headed back to the hospital where D dropped me off. I went back up to the ward and waited. Not sure how long but probably within the next hour they came to tell me he was in recovery and then took me down. As I walked in I could see a male nurse giving him a cuddle (he was crying) and as soon as I got him back I was able to give hm a feed while the nurse filled in the paperwork. B was really grumpy, hot and upset. It took a while for him to calm down and then they put me in a wheelchair while I held him and pushed me back into the ward - that was very strange as I was fine but they just won't allow you to carry them all the way back. After about 40 minutes B finally went to sleep and had a rest while a doctor came to explain that they hadn't been able to bring his testicle down because there was nothing but the nubbin there. He and the nurse showed me B's wounds and explained how to care for them, gave me some medications for him and that was basically it. we didn't have to stay the night which was good as it was noisy and hot in there and it was so much better being at home. B has been ok since, not needed much in the way of medication and has been quite active so seems to be fine. Just have to keep an eye on his wounds and make sure they don't get infected.

I am still a bit unsure about what they did, the doctor's accent was quite hard to understand. I wish they would give you some kind of letter when you leave, explaining what just happened.

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