Friday, February 24, 2012

Mums, Know your place...Second.

If anything is guaranteed to firmly demonstrate your place in the pecking order it's the kind of email I received from my mum this week entitled 'Important'. Not only that but she also messaged it to my husband on Facebook. Bless her. I have been sick, really really sick. It started last Sunday night with diarroea which turned into sweating fever by Monday morning. For four days I felt extremely sick and was on and off the toilet for most of the week, the rest of the time I was trying to entertain the baby who naturally was full of beans. It was Hellish to be honest and seemed endless. Throughout the week I kept in touch with mum who told me to keep drinking water and to keep an eye on baby B in case he got it. After about 48 hours I updated my facebook saying how horribly ill I had been and did anyone else have it, how long would it last, could it be food poisoning and so on. On Wednesday morning I woke to this email

"if B still has it you MUST phone the doctor, he can get dehydrated so fast. Important to get medical advice if it has gone on for more than 24 hours for him"

to be fair my mum did have a particularly bad stomach upset a couple of months ago which almost hospitalised her - at least her partner was that close to phoning an ambulance - so I can understand her worry ... BUT... when I posted on facebook it was about ME (me me me!) not about B. I had to laugh because it does just show how unimportant you become when a baby is born.

B has his operation for an undescended testicle on Monday. I am scared but will write more about it later.

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