Friday, August 12, 2011

separation anxiety

Well, after my last post things went horribly wrong. I was just about to start hoovering when B (mum's boyfriend) called. B was inconsolable and mum was going to bring him back. 'Have you tried the teething gel?' I asked, 'did you take him into the garden and show him flowers?' but, yes, they had tried all that. Only an hour before my mum had sent some lovely photos of Bob having a great time and finishing up with one of him asleep. Getting him to sleep is one thing my mum has worried about. So it all seemed to be going well but apparently just half an hour into his nap someone had rung the doorbell and woken him up and he quickly went into meltdown. So I drove over and he was pretty much still freaking out when I got there. I doon't know if this is separation anxiety or just a combination of him not having his morning nap and then getting rudely woken from his sleep.

We had timed the pick up so that he might sleep in the car but I have a feeling mum may have kept him awake as she told me she doesn't like it when he goes quiet so she talks to him!! The problem with that is that he likes to have a nap 2 hours after he wakes and unless that changes he really does need to have that morning nap. My mum has to get used to that and has to stick to what he knows so wwe may need to chat about that. Anyway I have been around there again (yesterday) and he was a bit clingy but happy. We are going to start the whole leaving him all over again next week, starting gently with me taking him. I think a big part of the problem is that my mum has only ever seen him happy and so loses confidence in her ability to soothe him when he's not so happy. She panics and that makes things worse. I had to give her a hug when I got there as I could see it was really effecting her :(

I did manage to get his cot up though and the mattress has arrived so I am just about to try to put him down to sleep in the cotbed for the first time. Although in true attachment parenting style it is jammed up against our bed with one side down. Hopefully he will like it and I will get a better night's sleep. Just need the better half to lose some weight and stop snoring and I'll be fine!

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