Thursday, July 28, 2011

good news about babies

I forgot to fill in the blanks RE my sister! She is now something like 15 and a half weeks pregnant, has seen a heartbeat again and has had a really good result back from her nuchal scan. The change in her is obviously huge, she is finally able to enjoy the pregnancy and has told people in work. A massive step for her I think. I am so pleased for her and just hoping now that it will be a trouble free pregnancy and birth.

My brother and his wife also have a new baby boy born last Sunday at home. Sounds like it was a quick pool birth and we are driving up to see them tomorrow.

Obviously all this is really great news and I am able to deal with these events in such a different way now I have a child of my own. I hardly recognise myself. I also worry that stuff I have written inthe past might be upsetting to read, specifically if it is read by my family. Perhaps I should lock down this blog again because I don't want to cause bad feeling. Everything I wrote about my infertility and all the issues surrounding it was from the heart and so not always kind and not always reasonable but I do stand by every word as it was just how I felt at the time and things like that do make you feel irrational and upset.

Edited to include pictures from the trip up north:

beautiful boy