Tuesday, June 07, 2011

good news

My sister had a scan today. She is 8+3 and they saw a strong heartbeat. I can just hear the relief shining through the text messages and emails she sent, though she is cautious too as her second pregnancy (this is her fourth) ended in the tenth week after seeing a heartbeat in the 8th. I just hope that this works out for her because she has had such a crap year and I know she is worried that she will never have a baby of her own and that she is too old (and mental!) to adopt. I have been worried about her because in recent days se has talked to me a lot about her depression and the effect this is having on her relationship. I hate to see her so unhappy and knowing that there's nothing I can do or say to help. I didn't have 3 miscarriages so I don't know exactly how she feels but I do know how it felt to have 1 and to have fertility issues so I imagine she feels even worse than I did.
I do know that as soon as you have a baby all that upset disappears and even as soon as you get past 12 weeks, then 20 weeks, then 34 weeks... it all starts to fade away bit by bit.

My brother and his wife are due to have a baby in the next few weeks. I imagine that will be hitting hard for my sister so I just hope this pregnancy is viable and that she doesn't end up having to deal with becoming and aunt and losing another baby all in one go.

Other good news is that my friend Becs is coming to Glastonbury and will be camping with us.. She's had a shit year with her mum dying and a friend killing himself a couple of weeks ago. I just hope she has a better rest of the year, maybe this could be the start.

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