Friday, December 17, 2010

Things I have discovered since becoming pregnant.

People really do say 'are you sure it's not twins' quite a lot. Usually these people have no proper perception of what it's like to be pregnant or how much space one baby does actually take up in the average sized belly.

My husband thought that all women give birth on their backs because that's what they show on TV.

There are some crazy people on the internet.

People do really think being born around Christmas is the worst thing ever and they are not shy about telling you.

Never discuss baby names with other people; Everyone knows someone they hated with the name you have chosen.

Even your own mother will give bad advice but you have to remember that things have changed.

Everyone starts calling you when you hit 39 weeks and if you don't update your facebook for a few hours they panic.

Most people think they know what the sex of your baby is, even when you don't know yourself.

Most of the people you meet at NCT classes are lovely, but it's not easy to make personal connections.

Having a baby brings out all the worst judgyness in you and other people.

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tireegal68 said...

Very true! The week before I had Isobel one woman looked at my belly and asked with absolute certainty if I was having twins ( translation: you're large) when I said no, she looked astonished and told me it must be a boy ( no!) NO??!! more astonishment! "well, I hope you're breastfeeding" - which has to do with what? I was very nice to her because I was getting an iced coffee and it was hot out and she gave me extra! Weird! Hope you're doing okay!