Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I am 4 days over my EDD, well the one the hospital gave me after the 12 week scan. If I go by the due date estimated from the Egg collection then I am only 2 days over. Nothing to report except I am getting tightenings and wibbles in my belly late at night which means I go to bed every night thinking 'could this be it' and then wake up every morning feeling normal. I am not in any rush to get the baby out but I am a bit anxious because I have no idea when it's going to happen and that's just weird. We've not done anyting to encourage the baby along but D is on a promise for Saturday noght as they say sex may help. I have a midwife coming on Monday and she will offer me a sweep. I am not sure what to do (If I last that long) because I really do want to avoid and induction but I am not too keen on the idea of a sweep either. I suppose that I just don;t want to hurry things along because at the moment I feel absolutely fine. Not like a lot of women who I read about on the internet who get to 37 weeks and start to get very frustrated.

I went into town yesterday for an hour to pick up the last of my christmas shopping; I think I am all done now. I have been pretty organised really and am all set for if we can make it to the Christmas meal D's mum is throwing. Last night we went out for her 60th birthday and it was good. It did help that D and I had an air clearing argument about the whole Christmas thing a few days ago and he seems to understand why I am anxious. We popped into the cottage she is renting and it was good to see where I will be if we do go, though I am still a little concerned about having a new baby, breastfeeding, people smoking etc.

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