Sunday, November 21, 2010

leaving work

 I am now officially off work until next September! My Maternity leave doesn't kick in until December but I have 2 weeks holiday and yesterday had a lovely lie in. Probably it won't hit home until Monday when I realise I can stay in bed and have a lie-in. I intend to get started on the spare room and sort the house out. In reality the baby could come any time as I am now 37 weeks but I hope it hangs on for a couple more.

My sister has been having a rotten time. Her ERPC didn't work and the doctor who did it failed to tell anyone, she ended up getting very ill in hospital which is when they found out he only removed 5ml of blood and the foetus was still intact and in her womb! So on in the week they decided on medical management and she was in hospital all day waiting for the foetus to come out. She was in a lot of pain (said to me she had no idea how I managed it without gas and air!) but still by Friday evening nothing had come out apart from a lot of clots and blood. So today she is having another ERPC with a different doctor. I feel so bad for her. Me and mum went to see her at home during the week and she seems ok but I know just what it's like to have to deal with family and people with big pregnant bellies when you're going through the loss of a much wanted baby. I really hope today's procedure works and that she can start trying again when she's ready.

My last week at work was extremely boring and just really hard work. My usual work mate was off and I had my replacement in the office with me so had to train her whilst doing enquiries and answering questions. I am not going to worry about it now I am off .  Part of the difficulty with the last week was that it was so quiet and so very difficult to really train her in anything useful. Without real enquiries it was quite hard to demonstrate all parts of the job.

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