Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last week in work

We had our last NCT class today. At the end the leader said we would all meet up for a reunion some time in late February but that most classes arrange a meet up between themselves before our due dates. I feel lilke I didn't gel with anyone really and so feel slightly worried that I will not be a part of the group for long. I am probably being stupid but you know me, I just don't fit in. The class itself was ok, we did a lot about the effects of the birth and the first six weeks afterwards though the one thing I didn't like was the class being split once again into gender groups. I think D should be involved in conversations about Lochia and stitches, how else is he supposed to really understand what it might be like for me after the birth?

Tomorrow I start the training of my replacement and I am really not looking forward to it. I am going to find it so hard and so tiring and then I am going to come home and find D surrounded by sweet wrappers and playing call of duty. I would much prefer it if I came home to find he had made me dinner but I am guessing the chances of that are minimal.

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