Friday, November 12, 2010

Facebook - the Devil's work?

So after today I have one week left in work. Technically speaking my replacement starts her job on Monday, though we are using that week as a hand-over and training week. The other person in the library is off on a weeks holiday so ages ago I asked that our usual cover person be here so that I can get on with the training. However yesterday he called me saying he might need to just be on a stand-by basis as he has a big job to do which he can't put of. Fair enough, these things happen. Though I wonder about the sense in getting a 37 week pregnant woman to train someone and work at the same time? I mailed my boss to let her know what had happened and you know what her response was?... just 'ok'. no offer of another person to cover, no view that maybe all of the above is not that good an idea. Ah well, at least she is consistant.

This last week has been a bit frustrating, it's got to the point now where I just don't care and I want to just get the next week over with and start my maternity leave with no worries. I am feeling pretty tired truth be told; I just can't wait to leave!

My sister has another scan on Monday to double check there is no heartbeat then make a decision on what to do. As it's a missed miscarriage like mine she has the choice between a medical or surgical miscarriage or waiting for it to happen naturally. At first she was thinking of the medical (pills) route which is what I chose, but now I think she has decided on the surgical option as it's done while you are under general anaesthetic and deals with the problem fairly quickly. I guess like her I am clinging on to hope that the first scan was wrong and there will be a heartbeat on Monday but from my own experience I know it's unlikely. Though - the private clinic where she had the scan at 10 weeks seems to have given her some cnflictin information. Apparently when the scan first started off the woman doing it said she thought my sister was measuring small. Then when my sister looked at the paperwork the size of the foetus tallied correctly with her dates - so what was that all about? They seemed to be saying the baby stopped developing a week and a half ago but then gave measurements which show it continued to grow to the size of a 10 week foetus. Hopefully the scan on Monday will give her some reassurance.

She has dealt with this in a different way to me, despite us both very much wanting the pregnancies, and has created a memory box for the baby. I just flushed mine down the loo and kept no momentos because that's just th way I am. My sister has a different way of dealing with stuff and I hope it is helping her. She has definitely been able to move on from thinking she never wants to try again to accepting that two miscarriages doesn't always mean it will happen again. I really do hope that she is able to start thinking about a future with babies rather than giving up.

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