Thursday, October 28, 2010

Scans, work and hospital visits.

I forgot to blog to say that my sister had a scan at just over 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat. So it all looks ook so far. I think she is worrying a bit about it staying OK but that is only natural. At least now she has calmed down a bit, though having said that she seems overly worried about how her life will change. I do sometimes wonder if we don't all get a bit caught up on not being able to have a baby and so having one becomes so important that we forget why we ever wanted to have one in the first place!

I have just over 3 weeks left in work and six weeks until my due date. I have been training the person who is taking over which is more tiring than I thought it would be but not as bad as I thought it might be - if that makes sense. I do feel a bit like my boss really fails to value what I do as she's not been that involved or encouraging and doesn't seem keen to involve me in future plans. Ah well. I am really looking forward to leaving now but have to be careful that I don't end up wishing the days away and getting bored. I am also not pinning any hopes on giving birth on my due date, after all only something like 5% of babies come on the due date. I have tried finding out if there are any statisitics for IVF births and the percentages for babies arriving on time because it would be interesting to know if knowing your exact conception date makes a difference. Doesn't seem to be anything out there though. It would make an interesting study.

D and I went on the tour of the midwife led unit last week and it has really put my mind at rest; I now feel like I will be supported to have the birth I would like. Of course any number of things could go wrong, but barring all that it seems like they will encourage me to use the birthing pool and to give birth naturally. My biggest hope is that I get through it with as littel fear as possible, that I work with my body and that I can cope with the pain. We will see.

I had the midwife on Tuesday and all is ok, baby was head down but not engaged yet but then I am only just over 33 weeks so wouldn't expect it to be. This is the second time that I have been seen by a student midwife but I am assuming they know what they are doing? I was measuring a bit big this time but not a lot so I guess that is all ok. I also had a problem with my right foot swelling up but it seems to be ok now. My blood pressure is fine so far.

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