Thursday, October 07, 2010


Someone gave me a link to this story about induction which I think is fantastic. I am, as anyone who reads this probably knows, really not looking forward to having to resist induction so knowing that 10 months can be considered normal has given me a boost. I worry that because of my age and because it will be Christmas they will put more pressure on me. Who knows.

My sister has her scan tomorrow, she will be just shy of 6 weeks. I really really hope that they can see something and that it's in the right place. Doubt they will see a heartbeat. I tried to encourage her to wait another week so that they would have more chance of seeing the heartbeat but she's decided to have this one on the NHS and then pay privately for another one.

I have six weeks left in work after Friday! SIX WEEKS! I have to train the person who is taking over which is going to be such a pain in the bum.

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