Monday, October 04, 2010

Here is why I am irritable

1. Why has my husband suddenly become so obsessed with Mafia Wars?
Mafia Wars is some stupid game on Facebook . To be fair I do the same in our bedroom on my laptop. I surf mumsnet and play farm town - probably far too much.
2. I can't drink Wine.
But my husband seems to spend every night downing a bottle of wine, or if not wine it's beer. It really pisses me off because I just lie here like a lump drinking water and wondering if I will ever fall asleep without difficulty again. If it's not water it's Gaviscon. Where's the fun in that?

3. Did I mention I can't sleep?
One reason for this is that I am alone. Firstly, while I am preparing to sleep my husband is talking loudly on the phone downstairs about mafia wars, or chinking glasses, or playing something loud on his computer or let's just face it he is generally forgetting that I am here.

4. I spend too much time on my own.

5. Everyone keeps asking 'how are you feeling?'.
I actually feel fine, except my sex life is shit.

6. My sex life is shit.
What sex life? I don't seem to have one anymore.
7. I have to train someone to do my job.
 My boss wants me to train her during my last week at work which just happens to be the week my work-mate is on holiday.

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