Monday, September 20, 2010

not a yummy Mummy

Why do people put pictures of their baby as their profile picture on Facebook? I mean, why!? I really hope I don't turn into that kind of person. Someone I never expected to do it has just changed their profile picture to a picture of their baby girl. Weirdo. Surely you have a picture of yourself, surely having a baby doesn't sap you of your own personality and identity?

I went to an NCT sale on Saturday and it really freaked me out. Lots of Yummy mummies but then what more would you expect from the NCT? I felt like a complete fraud. What really amazed me was all the women there with their partners/husbands. It seems odd to me that a husband would be that arsed about what is basically a jumble sale, or that these things become family outings! Do they? I am wondering what kind of people I can expect to see in my NCT classes in November and will I be the hill-billy one in the corner?

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