Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My sister's good news

My sister is pregnant! She has done a test 5 days before her period is due and it's come up with a line; an immediate and clear line. She is, of course, over the moon as am I, although I am feeling cautious for her because with these early tests there is so much that can go wrong. I don't mean the tests make the pregnancy go wrong but that so many things can happen between now and when she would be expecting her period and between then and her 12 week scan. We both know this having been through a miscarriage each. Though I am never quite sure if she had a miscarriage or an ectopic but do know that one of her tubs is apparently blocked and so gettin g pregnant is a risk for her. I don't know the science of it all but she's under the impression that if she ovulates from her blocked tube side then there is more of a risk of her having another ectopic. She says that she knows each month which side that she is ovulating from and this was a 'safe' month. I don't know if that is how it works but I hope that she manages to get through these few weeks unscathed. If the baby stays then there will be 6 months between our babies which will be lovely.

I just hope that she isn't getting her hopes up too early. I know that sounds really pessimistic but she's got herself so excited and it's just that after the recent experience she has had I think she should be more cautious. Maybe that's just me, maybe that's just because that's how I was when I got pregnant after a miscarriage.

Anyway. here's hoping that she has a smooth and event-free pregnancy and that the baby develops and that I don't get daily telephone calls about every twinge!

I went to the midwife today and all is ok. I had been feeling a little worried about the lack of movements lately and last night was really worried as I didn't get the usual kicking in the evening.  I have never had furious movements but at about 10 pm every night the baby does tend to do a little bt of kicking and punching. Last night it just seemed strangely quiet and I lay away for quite a while worrying. Anyway, it seems the baby has moved position and may now be breech after several weeks of being head down. This may be why I am feeling less? The midwife measured me at 29 weeks (I am 28 +3) and we heard the heartbeat plus it did a bit of kicking too. Also this morning I was on a course all day and most of the morning I was desperately trying to hide the movements in my belly. So it all seems ok, I just need to spend less time slumped on the soffa and try to get this baby to move back into a better position for the birth.

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