Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby's first Christmas

I am really hoping that our baby's first Christmas doesn't become an all singing and dancing 'BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS'. I am dreading it more and more each day. While I just want to snuggle in with our baby and have some time to learn how to be a mum I have a real fear that it may become something of a big occassion. Hopefully people won't shower us with ridiculous gifts, hopefully no one will insist on dressing up the baby as Father Christmas, hopefully I won't have to hand my baby form person to person for endless photo opportunities, hopefully people will have the sense to know that babies that age don't need their first taste of mince pie. I don;t know why I am worrying all these things will happen, surely people are not that stupid?

I know my fear comes mainly from just not having a clue what the hell other people have planned.I feel too that I am going to be in a po sition from the due date where everyone is waiting for me to give birth and that if I go overdue I will have family pressure to go for an induction. Not that I would bow to that pressure, I will only have an induction if there is something wrong. Thing is, I really want the baby to be late now - maybe around 20th so that I will have a perfect excuse not to go anywhere.

D brought Christmas up the other day so I used the opportunity to try to explain to him that if the baby is late I might not be able to or want to go for a big Christmas meal. I also explained the whole milk coming in and baby blues thing and I am really concerned that he doesn't seem to understand at all. I sometimes wonder if he thinks that giving birth is just a matter of popping out a baby and then carrying on as normal. I get the impression that he expects that I will! Maybe because my pregnancy has been so easy he assumes the birth will be too. Many years ago they would keep a new mum in hospital for a few days, sometimes even a week, but these days they release you ASAP and I think a lot of people just assume that this means a new mum is all set to get up and go and carry on. Not true, at least not from what I have read. D kept saying 'but the baby is more likely to arrive on time than be late isn't it?' which is just not true. First babies are statistically more likely to come late, and anyway that's not really the issue. Even if the baby was on time I still might not want to be fannying about going to a big Christmas meal with all his family at the expense of my own.

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