Monday, September 06, 2010

Baby shows and childbirth woes

I went to the baby show on Sunday. SIL had suggested we go together on Saturday but I had a friend visiting so was able to excuse myself. Then SIL suggested we go on the Sunday instead which is how I found myself driving round in circles in the rain trying to find a way into the sports centre where it was being held. In the end I walked up the Taff trail and then back on myself to find a way in which was ok as I probably do need the excercise. The baby show was fine, a mixture of pointless and interesting very much like a bridal show. I spoke to the people at the NCT stall and also to someone about breastfeeding support. I am worried that because the baby is due so close to Christmas I might not get the support I need what with people being on their holidays and staff perhaps being over-stretched. I guess in general I am scared about the level of care I will recieve but more of that later. I also spoke to someone about re-usable nappies and feel a lot more able now. We will still use disposables for the first few weeks (D has bought a stack of them) but I really want to switch to re-usables later. It was nice to see my SIL and her husband, though I feel way ahead of them; they are just starting to think about travel systems while I have everything almost sorted. I have just over 3 months to go! I also couldn't help judging a lot of the baby show. There could have been more stuff there for breast-feeding mums and more stuff on childbirth options.

And that is my other worry, the birth. I guess it is natural for someone at my stage to start to worry but my worries are not really to do with the pain but more to do with my options and having those options taken from me either through bad policy or through bad health.  I know that my first problem could be if they try to induce me and then if I refuse if they try to emotionally blackmail me. I don't want a cascade of intervention. people tell me not to have my wants too set in stone because I will only be disappointed if it doesn't work out as I expected but I think so long as I can cope with the pain and as long as I am informed and not in any medical danger then it's not too much to ask that my wishes be considered and catered for - or does that sound too much like a control freak?

A home birth is looking more desirable by the day. I just feel that by being in hospital in the first place I am setting myself up for a medicalised birth. Plus the Heath hospital has higher than average interventions including emergency caesarians! Meh! My age is an issue too, I think it just means I am going to be viewed as being more in need of an induction, more in need of intervention etc.

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