Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"You're really starting to look like your mum"

So said old school friend at the weekend. I was horrified. Yet thinking about it now and thinking about her I realise I shouldn't have been quite so appalled. My friend is adopted and although she has made a few basic attempts to track down her birth mother she has never really seen it through. Her mum and dad (the ones who adopted her) both died very close together a couple of years ago. I wonder if anyone ever told her that she looked like her mother, and was she polite enough to ignore it - seeing as she has no real biological link with her mum and she has never met her birth mother. I should learn to be more gracious.

Everything is fine with me, I am 21 weeks +3 (open to debate!) and starting to get more aches and pains. Sleeping is really difficult and not just because of husband's snoring. This weeks worry has been the Christmas visits and a very weird thing happened on Mumsnet while I was discussing it with the other women in my ante-netal thread. A new poster came in and started giving me advice about it. It was their first post and they later claimed they had seen mine in the active topics and just felt like responding. I am completely convinced that it's someone I know in real life. At first I thought it might be the husband but really that's not his style. He has his own mumsnet log-in and if he ever reads something I post that needs discussing then he speaks to me in person. Still none the wiser but this is the second time some random person with no posting history has wandered into the ant-natal thread and given me advice. Time for a name-change?

I am now completely convinced that we are having a boy, though I have no medical evidence to base this on except for my husband and I both thinking we saw something on the scan.

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