Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nuchal woes

I waited all evening for my SIL to call about her 12 week scan which was this afternoon so by the time she called at 8pm I was quite worried. Seems that she has not had a particularly great scan. The heartbeat was there and the measurements were spot on which is all one really expects from a 12 week NHS dating scan in Wales. For some reason, though, the sonographer measured the nuchal thickness and said it is a 'worrying 4mm'. Thing is, I know that taken in isolation the nuchal thickness is not an accurate test. The NHS offers blood tests but those aren't done until 16 weeks and so the two combined are not accurate either. Why they have done this I don't know. V has already booked a nuchal test for Thursday and so I have advised her to wait for then before she stresses too much. I just hope I have been of some help, though I know how awful it is to have to wait for all these tests and to get the all clear. Stupid stupid NHS and stupid sonogropher. She may not even be properly trained FFS. It makes me so mad. I just hope that the nuchal measurement on Thursday is better and that she doens't have to go through the grief I did.

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