Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Honestly, you won't care'

I really get quite annoyed by all the 'you won't care what you're wearing in labour, you have to let go of all dignity' shit that people spout. I will care actually, and I really don't see why women think I should just give birth topless and exposed when my tits have nothing to do with giving birth. Everytimes someone starts a thread on mumsnet about what to wear in labour there's always someone who comes on and says 'honestly, you won't care' when, plainly, whoever has started the thread really does care or why would they have asked in the first place? I am sure there are plenty of women who don't care and who are happy to be stripped naked or never even thought twice about which nightie to take in but that doesn't mean it applies to everyone. Sometimes I think women who have already given birth can be very smug about other people's choices or needs. Like they have been there and done that and it worked for them so it should work for everyone else. Bollox.

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