Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Expert advice

I had a big long email from my SIL (The one who has just announced her pregnancy) yesterday RE the Nuchal Scan. They have decided to have it done and in a way I feel a little sad about it. I suppose I thought that they might not bother and now I am worried that they will get a similar result to me (She's 38) and have to go through more anguish after so many years of trying. I have to bear in mind though that everyone makes the decisions that they know they can personally handle. I've told her what I know and what to look out for and to ask. She has her 12 week scan today and so hopefully that will make her feel more positive because I know she is worried about her symptoms stopping. I tried to get her interested in mumsnet but she mailed me back saying she doesn't really do forums. I am surprised by that but maybe I am the strange one. I just wonder how you go through 8 years of TTC without using the internet to do your research!?  Maybe some of us are information junkies and some of us are not. I remember before I had the IVF I researched the best diets to prepare myself for making great eggs and I stuck some stuff on my fridge door. She came over and seemed really surprised by all the advice and at the time I thought 'but surely you of all people would know all this already?'. Strange. We're all different I guess.

I really need to get my arse in gear RE work, there's a lot to sort out before I go on maternity leave at the end of November. I can't leave the place in a state and I will only worry if I do. Still notmuch of an idea who will apply for my job but most likely to be a numpty from over the road.

I am not impressed by my expanding belly - I am HUGE. I'm not saying this because I am just bigger, I really do believe that I am bigger than I should be. I have the midwife today and I think she will measure me. Hopefully I will come out as being some kind of normal.

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