Wednesday, August 18, 2010

busted plumbing

My SIL is pregnant! So wonderful. It's my husband's brother and his wife who have been trying for over 8 years (have had to edit this as I put 18 not 8!). We knew that they were going to have another round of IVF but for some reason I had it in my mind that she was having it at the end of July. Turns out she is 11 weeks pregnant and was on the long protocol so she had the IVF around the begining of June. They came to tell us yesterday after several attempts to meet up including coming round when my sister was here last week and so not being able to tell us. I am so happy for them, it is just such good news and I am also really glad that our kids will be very close in age. She is due in March. We will be on maternity leave at the same time too, so hopefully can spend a bit of time together.

In other news we found out what the trickling sound coming from under the floor was - the mains water pipe was leaking! Husband pulled up some floorboards and there it was. We have had it fixed but it was a bit of a nightmare, not least because when I started looking up how to get it fixed Husband took it as some kind of slight against his ability to fix it. We had a bit of an argument. I have been feeling so emotional lately and I don't think he fully understands that growing a whole other person inside you is a really hard thing to do on all sorts of levels. We did talk about it last night and I think he is trying to understand but I can't wait until we get to the NCT classes and he can learn a bit more about the reality of all this.

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Hopeful and Heartbroken said...

Oh, so exciting about your SIL! Before I was pregnant I hated it when other people were... and now I'm thrilled to have my close friends go through the pregnancy/newborn stage with me. So happy for your family!