Friday, July 23, 2010

Everything is baby related

Or rather everything isn't. It just seems that everyone thinks all I want to talk about is babies or children. If I update my facebook then I get a string of replies all relating to baby stuff. if I can't sleep it's because of the baby, if I am tired then it's the baby, if it's anything else then it's the baby! I am aware that I am also talking about it quite a lot but it seems that once you announce a pregnancy it is all anyone thinks you want to talk about. That and people thinking being pregnant means you are madly interested in their babies or children.

I am being over-sensitive for sure; my emotions are going into overdrive. On the other hand I feel like it's not an excuse, certainly not for other people as in that 'oh it's just your emotions' thing when I am genuinely upset about something like their behaviour.

We had the 20 week scan yesterday which was brilliant as we hd a trainee who took ages giving us loads of time to look at the baby, plus the person training him did it all again afterards just to double check. We were also given about 10 photographs. All is well with the baby, no noticible problems, which is a relief. D thinks he saw a penis, I think I may have too - though we decided not to find out the sex.

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