Friday, June 04, 2010

Coming Out

We had the Nuchal Scan and bloods today. I was so relieved to see a hertbeat; sometimes it feels like there is nothing in there and so I was scared we would get bad news. The results of the bloods won't be available until next week but I feel quite reasured by the scan part. The measurement for the neck was 2.44mm and the nasal bone was present. Everything seemed normal and I am itching to tell people. We have talked vaguely about coming out on Monday after the dating scan. I wonder how stupid that would be? Can I go with the good scan or am I setting myself up for a fall when I get the blood results on Friday? Why not wait just a few more days?

I also have to plan how I am going to do this. Most of my closest friends and family know about the IVF and know I am pregnant so it's really just work people and distant friends that I need to tell. After all these months of hating seeing other people's scans on facebook I feel like I might be betraying my principles by announcing it on Facebook yet it seems like the easiest way to come out. I am thinking that just simply posting the scan is the best way to do it but I also want to use it as an opportunity to highlight that not everyone gets pregnant easily or quickly. Would it be too much to post that wonderful 'what IF' video I wonder? I want to be open about the fact I had IVF but I am unsure how people will respond to it particularly because of my age. I feel a bit like people might judge me badly for it.

This is the scan picture from the Nuchl scan, it's not very good. Hopefully I will have a better one on Monday.

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