Wednesday, May 05, 2010

My sister's pregnancy is progressing!

OMG! this is most probably the best news I have heard since I found that the IVF worked for me. My sister has had a call from the nurse at her practice who says the doctor has marked her second blood test with 'the pregnancy is progressing'. That is all she can tell her and my sister has to call the doctor tomorrow so she can find out the figures but all indications are that her hCG must have doubled as it is supposed to. The second test was done yesterday. She says the 'period' she had was not like a normal period but it was quite clotty. I wonder if perhaps she was carrying twins or if she is just one of those people who have bleeding in their pregnancy. This is such great news. She will be due 2 - 3 weeks after me and we will be on maternity leave together.

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