Thursday, May 27, 2010


So today I enter my 12th week of pregnancy. I have been feeling a little unwell when I wake up in the mornings for the last week and am hoping that it doesn't develop into full blown morning sickness. It's a bit like sea-sickness and soon passes. I am also feeling quite tired but not at night, just in the morning. it may be the change of weather (it's been glorious) or perhaps because I get up in the middle of the night for a pee I am just having broken sleep.

A Midwife finally got in touch. Not my midwife but a nice sounding woman who tells me another midwife, who is also not my midwife, will come and do the booking appointment next Thursday. I will be 12 weeks by then. So we have decided to book a private nuchal scan and blood tests for as soon after that as we can. It costs £180 (!) and it's a pain that we can't just go and get it done on the NHS even with me being 40, but needs must.

I had a hissy hormonal crying fit the other day as one of the bathroom taps was dripping - or rather pissing water - and I bought new taps but then couldn't find out where to turn off the water. We eventually found it but not before I ended up in a heap sobbng on the kitchen floor surrounded by the stuff we had pulled out of the cupboards in our attempts to find the tap. It's all sorted now though and we have 2 new gorgeous taps.

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