Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Maybe I should start documenting my symptoms, the few I have?
I am getting aches around my lower abdomen, like pulsing waves mostly on the left side but a bit on my right.
I have occasional throbs in my boobs too and I still have blue veins.
My sense of smell is so acute that I could smell someone eating ricecakes in our open plan office even though there is half a wall and a good 7 metres between us.

that's it.

Here's a MSN conversation I had with my friend Ruth today:

Ruth says:
  how are you?
donna says:
 still no symptoms lol
Ruth says:
 have you been testing?
donna says:
 no way
 not after last time
 staying well away from tests now
 even though I have two here
 I'm not going to test again ever!
Ruth says:
 oh ok
 have you been having a metally taste or smells now and again and thought you were imagining it?
donna says:
 my sense of smell is really good
 I could smell someone eating rice cakes in the other office earlier
 but no metal taste
Ruth says:
 so you have to wait a week today fir the scan right?
donna says:
 week tomorrow 
 it's next Thursday
Ruth says:
 how are yiour boobins?
donna says:
 not sore
 I have blue veins
Ruth says:
donna says:
 but they don't seem big or sore
 Dale says they feel a bit harder
 but they were definitely bigger and harder last week
Ruth says:
 not sore more hard on the sides under armpits?
donna says:
 nothing under the pits
Ruth says:
 yeah but body is evolving anyway
 no -  the sides not under - anyway everypone different 
donna says:
  no tiredness at all
Ruth says:
 i wasn't really
donna says:
 am 6 +4
 so maybe I will get tired/sick a bit later
Ruth says:
 thats more 8-10 wks imo
donna says:
Ruth says:
Ruth says:
 I didn't have sickness - just starving and dizzy - like on a boat if not eat
 didn't have any symtoms for ages really Donna
donna says:
 maybe that's what I have

See, these are the conversations which make me think people are expecting me to have more symptoms.

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Hopeful and Heartbroken said...

My symptoms so far:

Everything I eat tastes really bad. Some pain in my lower left abdomen.

That's it. I'm 6 1/2 weeks along with twins and still hardly any symptoms. You're not alone. :)