Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Staying positive

I really want to write something positive and happy rather than yet another blog about how I am sure something will go wrong. Perhaps I am being too negative - who me? As if! Har har.

I am, for the most part, extremely relaxed if you can count running to the loo to check out the veins on my boobs about 6 times a day as being a relaxed state of affairs. I am pretty sure someone is going to come into the work looks to find me with my breasts hanging out while I inspect them in the mirror. I am doing this at home too and waving them about in front of D's face asking him to check that they still look bigger or harder or veinier - is that even a word? Poor thing, it's hardly romantic is it. But seriously, I am relaxed in myself, I am not knicker checking because I am still on the progesterone pessaries and assume they would stop any bleeding anyway. I am going about my daily business with this constantly on my mind but it's not intruding too much yet. A week Thursday we have the scan and I have to remain hopeful.

I have resisted the urge to test again, I reallydon't need the hassle a strange digital result would bring.

My trolley arrived today. I ordered a great big green garden trolley from ebay for Glastonbury festival. D wanted us to camp off-site this year but I have managed to persuade him that being on-site will be much better for me. I think his issue was that he would have to do the bulk of the carrying from the carpark so a trolley is just what we needed. I just need to put it together now. My sister and her boyfriend are still considering a campervan/caravan so if they do manage to get one we might stay with them slightly off site but it'll be a darn sight better than camping 3 miles away. If this pregnancy does stick I will be about 16 weeks pregnant and hopefully past any sickness and tiredness.

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