Thursday, April 29, 2010


We saw a heartbeat! I am so massively relieved. Our scan was at 8.45am and I had convinced myself that it had all gone wrong and we would be told really bad news. I explained this to the woman doing the scan and she said that I mustn't worry if she didn't say anything immediately, that it didn't mean anything was wrong but she would need a minute or two to take measurements etc. As it was she immediately turned the screen towards me and showed the heartbeat. It's just one - not twins.

I am measuring at 7 +1 though it flickered from 1 - 2. Apparently I should be counting from embryo transfer plus 2 weeks which makes me exactly 7 weeks today. We have another scan in two weeks time.

I was in such a state on Tuesday night, managed to get myself in a complete tizz and convince myself that there was never going to be any baby. poor D said he didn't know how he would have coped if it had been bad news. I have to keep up the pessaries up to 12 weeks but can slowly come off the steroid. I hope now I can just relax and start to enjoy being pregnant.

I also want to link to this truly wonderful video What IF

I know I am very lucky to be pregnant and more so that I managed it with only one round of IVF which was free on the NHS. I won't forget what it is like to be one of those people who can't get pregnant, what it's like to get the diagnosis of infertility and to see each month pass by with no good news. I don't want this blog to become 'baby baby baby', nor do I want to forget that while I might be happy now there are thousands of women out there who are going through bad times and who may never get the happy outcome I am hoping for.

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Hopeful and Heartbroken said...

Oh congratulations! That is such wonderful news! And I can't even tell you how great it is to read your blog because I am always thinking the exact same thing!!