Friday, April 16, 2010

the Clearblue Digital saga

So today has been a terrible day. Last night, convinced that my one and only symptom was disappearing, I had a terrible night's sleep. I know I was awake at midnight and then again at 4.30 am as I went to the toilet and also D's snoring kept me awake again. I remember at one point getting really upset and telling D that I was certain there was something wrong. When I bought my digital test last Sunday evening I ended up buying a pack of two as there was a special offer so this morning when I woke I decided to do another test.

Basically the test I did on Sunday evening was just a vanity test. I already knew I was pregnant because I had used a non-digital test on Saturday morning but I wanted to see that thing where the test tells you how many weeks you are. For more info you can see here So on Sunday with evening wee I got a result which said 'pregnant 3+' which seemed right to me as at the time I was just 5 weeks. Even better that it gave me that very encouraging result without using morning wee.

So today - I did the test and was horrified when it came up with 'pregnant 2-3' basically suggesting I am 4-5 weeks when in reality I should be almost 6 weeks. I felt so panicked that after telling D and then posting and searching frantically on the internet I rang the IVF clinic, left a message on their answerphone and asked them to please ring me back. Thankfully they did ring me in work and I explained why I was so worried, that because of what happened last year I was worrying that my hCG levels had dropped. Even though they tried to reassure me I asked if I could have a blood test and they agreed. So I drove straight to the hospital (I am so glad it's so close) and had my blood taken which they said they would get the results of by 3pm. On the way out of the hospital I bought another 2 digital tests and tested at mid-day, about 4 and a half hours after the morning test. Guess what... 'Pregnant 3+'! I wonder if because I went to the toilet twice in the night, was that why the test only read 2-3?

About an hour later they called and told me my hCG level is 6540. All good apparently and no need to test again. Though a small part of me is still really concerned by the lack of symptoms and the fact that my breasts are now shrunk and still not hurting. Looking online just scares me more as some sites say that if you are sure of your ovulation date then the hCG level is usually 2/3 of the higher end of the scale. Mine is not.

But... all I can do is wait and hope and try not to let last year's experience get me down.
These are the 2 tests I did today - the bottom one at 7.30am and the other just after noon. I don't want to be one of those mad women who test every day all the way through the first trimester but sadly it seems I am in danger of becoming one.

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