Friday, April 30, 2010

...and a little about me

I went to see my friend R today, she has a 7 month old baby boy and when I was pregnant last year I was just 3 months behind her. We had both been really excited that our kids would be so close in age but sadly it wasn't to be. I love R, she's one of my two very best friends. We met by chance outside St. Davids hall in Cardiff back in the day when we used to just sit about in the sun on a weekend. We bonded over a guy, we both loved him but she got a date with him and was wonderfully mature enough to come and tell me when all our mutual friends told her to keep it a secret. Their relationship was short-lived and he turned out to be a tosser; we've been friends ever since.

She is really excited about my pregnancy and when I was going through my meltdown about it being another miscarriage she tried to keep me sane and never gave up hope. She was the first person I told about seeing the heartbeat. So I spent the day with her and her son and allowed myself to get a little bit excited about having a baby. We went shopping in the Charity shops and I had to resist picking up bits of baby stuff. It frustrates me to see stuff but feel that it's too early to start buying. I won't be getting everything new and plan to use a combination of charity shops, Freecycle, ebay and hand-me-downs. People in work sell things all the time, but I just can't buy anything yet. I think I will wait until 12 weeks before I do though there is a temptation to go a bit mad after the 9 week scan. R has said she can give me a few things and also that she will kill me if I don't use a proper cloth sling! She is very much into what they call 'baby wearing' and says the new ones, the modern carriers, are really bad for a baby's hips. To be honest I wasn't thinking of using the cloth ones as they seem so complicated but she has talked me round. She also said she will support me through breastfeeding. I know she had a tough time because her baby had tongue-tie so it will be good to have someone to teach me what they have learned.

On the way home I stopped off in Tesco and bought a couple of bigger sports bras. I also got myself a bigger underwired one, though R warned me that under-wires are bad. Not sure I agree, I have read lots of different stuff on the internet. Anyway - it fits me so much better than any of my old bras and so I have obviously gone up a size if not a cup. I need to look into all these things I know nothing about like nursing bras. I have so much to learn.

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