Friday, April 23, 2010

Adjusting my dates 6 +4

I discovered today that I am not 6 +6 at all, I am more likely 6 +4. Basically I had been counting from my last period but realised that I should have been counting from my Egg Collection date and adding 2 weeks. My egg collection was on day 16 of my cycle, hence the 2 extra days. Does that make sense? I found This calculator on-line which gives you an idea. So from this my Estimated due date is December 13th. Of course all this could change at the scan. If it is viable they may date it differently according to size, or perhaps that is something which gets changed later? Anyway, I am less than I thought which means my hCG test was done while I was 5 +4. I think 6540 is quite good. I expect this isn't a very scientific process but I decided to divide the hCG level I got last Friday by 2 for every 2 days (working backwards) in an attempt to see what my hCG might have been on the day I tested (16 days past egg collection), like I say it's probably not very scientific but they do say that the hCG level should double every 48 - 72 hours. So, by doing this I discovered that mu hCG level might have been 812 the day I tested, which the internet tells me is very good. The day after that I got a 3+ on the digital test which would make me over 5 weeks. 14 days after egg collection it would have been over 100. So maybe I should be thinking more positively?

Today I have scared myself a lot by searching for stuff on the internet. I just can't wait to get to Monday because like the 2WW I am setting myself little goals and Monday is the next one. Once I am there it will only be 3 sleeps to the scan.  I also booked Thursday and Friday off because I don't want to have to call my boss if it's bad news and let her know I won't be coming in. I remember how awful it was last time and there's no way I want to do that again. If it's bad news I want to go home and just crumble on my own.

It might be good news though - right?It might all be ok, and I might just be stressing out for no reason at all. It might be twins. Someone on a forum I use had a scan today and was told it was twins but that one was very small so to expect to lose it. That's really sad but I bet she was relieved too. I wonder what happens to the other embryo if it doesn't implant or doesn't develop well? We had 2 embryos put in and I know one was slightly better quality than the other.

Just one majorly annoying thing happened today. D's brother was over here and while I was upstairs I heard him take a call on his mobile and then after a few minutes of talking to whoever it was he said 'Yeah, he's fine. He's going to be a dad'! Words failed me. Turns out it was some girl I have only met twice and am unlikely to see again but it made me think who else has he told!? I could hear D giving him a real bollicking, telling him that it was way to early to be telling anyone. The thing is that we have told people close to us because we weren't really able to keep the IVF a secret and then people knew we'd be testing after 2 weeks and then we got the BFP and short of outright lying we couldn't really not tell people. Can you imagine, telling someone that it was a BFN then 10 weeks or so later saying 'surprise, we lied'?  So there's no point me getting stressed about it and I would never have a go at BIL for what he did but I did have to stay upstairs until he went because in the moment it happened I was really annoyed and didn't really want to make him feel extra bad by going down with a face like a smacked arse. He probably thinks that I didn't hear and it's probably for the best.

It's sometimes annoying being married to someone with such a massive circle of friends, specially female friends. They ALL know, because some of them have been very supportive to me and some of them are his very best friends. I am just so relieved that it was positive. Sometimes though I wonder if it might just be easier all round if I took out a two page advert in teh South Wales Echo.

I am drinking a glass of Cherry Coke. I had all but given up Caffine a few weeks before the IVF but really fancied a glas and the decaf coke they do is just not the same. Hopefully one glass will be ok.

I wanted to also link to This blog post as I found it really inspiring.

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Hopeful and Heartbroken said...

That was a great post by busted plumbing, thanks for the link! And also... if all goes well with me, my due date will be Dec 15. Looks like we're on almost the exact same time table!