Friday, March 19, 2010

We're all set to go

 We had the second scan today. There are now 8 follicles, though 2 are very small so am counting it as still the 6 they said I had on Monday. My right ovary must be asleep (or nearly dead?) as there are only 2 follicles. Everything went very well though, the nurse showed me the follicles and I sneaked a look at the sizes. The largest is 23mm, two are 20 mm and the rest seem to be between 10 and 15. Here's hoping they all contain eggs. I have to (infact I have already) inject one more shot of Menopur tonight and then Suprecur tonight and tomorrow. After that I have to inject the HCG shot at 1.15 am on Sunday. It has to be exact so that I am ready for egg collection at 11.15 on the Monday. So only 2 more injections to go before Monday - the big day! While we were waiting for a prescription to be written D looked at the pictures of all the babies which have been born because of IVF Wales; they have huge frames filled with pictures of babies. I asked him what he was doing and he said 'oh my god, there are so many twins'. I think the possibility that we might get pregnant and that it might be more than one. here's hoping that at the very least we achieve one!

I had acupuncture today and it was really different. She did the usual leg stuff but also put some pins in my ears and did something weird with heat over my ovaries in some kind of metal spoon like thing! I explained to her that I am the sort of person who if everything seems to be going well will always think that something is bound to go wrong soon. So because I have more or less breezed through the injections and the scans I am now starting to get worried about each new stage. Will there be enough eggs, will enough get fertilised, will they make it from the dish and into me and so on.

Talking of side-effects, my sister-in-law is having IUI next week and we've been swapping texts about the injections. She says she's had really bad head aches and side effects. I am on the highest dose possible and because she has PCOS and tends to get over stimulated I imagine that she's on a much lower dose, so it doesn't make sense to me that I would have no side-effects when hers are so bad. Differnt strokes I suppose. She has had several IUIs and one IVF which resulted in a pregnancy last year but ended in miscarriage. She and her husband (D's brother) have been trying for something like 7 years and as far as I know that one IVF was the only pregnancy they ever achieved. She has been travelling to and from Swansea to have scans and tests because she needs to be closely monitored as apparently people with PCOS tend to over stimulate. I know that they had to abandon IUI last month. I really hope that we both get to realise our dream of becoming a parent, and that this happens for us both now. It would be really amazing to go through the pregnancies together.

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