Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have lift-off

After a restless night's sleep I woke at 6 am and dragged myself out of bed an hour later. Had some really weird dreams (Which I have forgotten now) but apparently that is a side effect of the drugs they gave me so I guess they did actually give me some after all. At about 9.30 the hospital called with the very good news that four eggs out of the six have fertilised. The Embryo transfer is booked in for 11am on Thursday. I feel so relieved, athough I am also a bit scared about the assisted hatching as all I seem to get when I look it up is site after site saying it's really of no benefit or that it can be detrimental to the foetus. I have managed to find some success stories though so have to tray to remain positive and not worry about something which hasn't happened yet.

I forgot to mention the little blip D and I had yesterday. For some stupid reason, when we were waiting for the egg collection, I mentioned to him that if V and I both get pregnant we will be due at the same time and that will be the day of his mum's birthday or there abouts. The plan was that this year we would all go to spain as it's her 60th birthday. Obviously if I was about to give birth or had recently given birth it wouldn't be possible for us to go. D said something about his mum coming to us, we have a 2 bedroom house with the only bathroom leading from one of those bedrooms. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't even want my own mum staying just after giving birth for the first time. I can think of nothing worse than having an overnight guest while trying to get to grips with a new baby, with breastfeeding and with sleepless nights!

After I sad all this D went into a bit of a sulk and I realised that I had probably spoken at completey the wrong time. Ooops. Ayway - since then D has spoken to her and apparently she's already thought ahead. She is planning on coming over but will rent a house and we can all go to her. Brilliant idea. Here's hoping that if I do manage to get pregnant, and keep the pregnancy, that I give birth a while before she comes so I have time to ajust, or a while after she leaves.

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