Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So today I am 6DPET. That means Six days past Embryo transfer which makes makes me 9DPEC which is 9 days past egg collection. I can't test until I am 16DPET and it's killing me. Today I had some weird achy feelings in my lower abdomen and a couple of shooting pains in my leg sockets. I also have that weird rash feeling on my legs which I had when I was stimming. The knicker checking has really started now and I am just going from hopeful to expecting the worst. I have all the way until 10th April to get to. My greatest fear is that I get my period before I even get a chance to test. Do you think it's ok for an Atheist like me to pray - naaah thought not. I wonder if the symptoms I have are just because of the progesterone or could it be that my period is just around he corner?

I am starting to wish that so many people didn't know about this. D has a friend who lives in London now and recently announced her pregnancy. So apparently she sent D a text today asking if we were testing this weekend! I don't know, it's just riled me a bit. Firstly because I wish there wasn't a line of people queueing up to see if I am pregnant; I wish that like all other normal people I could actually keep it a secret until 12 weeks. I am also a bit narked that she hasn't got enough common sense or knoweldge about these things to realise that even with a natural pregnancy you don't test 8 days after ovulation. But then I suppose she is lucky enough to have had an accidental pregnancy and probably didn't even realise she was pregnant until her period was late.

I went to the Museum today, met up with Rachel (old school friend) and her 2 kids. I suppose going to a museum on the easter holidays is a stupid thing to do when you are TTC. Lots of wee kids walking about hand in hand while their mothers walked behind with newborn babies in their arms.

I have arranged a birthday meal on Saturday for me and all my family. I dn't know what will be worse - everyone talking about 'it' or everyone studiously not talking about 'it'.

My other news is that Mumcat had to be put down. She was my blind cat, my only remaining cat, my oldest cat. We had to have her daughter put down last year as she went doolally and started walking around in circles. Mum cat started to do the same. Her blindness meant that she found it really hard to get about but was still getting up and down the stairs. However she spent Sunday night pacing the bed and the next morning she fell down the stairs. It was awful. I took her to a vet and although they said I could have tests done it seemed all round kinder to put her down. She was 17. I really miss her.

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